Cal Transit

  • IOS application that tracks nearby buses and trains to improve the commute times of frequent transit users.
  • Allows users to track buses, set reminders, and quickly search for bus lines and locations
  • Supports all the different Berkeley transit options including AC Transit and BART
  • Has over than 100 downloads on the Apple App Store.

Flash Learn

  • Amazon Alexa skill that allows users to create and study their custom flash card sets through verbal interactionswith an Alexa product.
  • Supported various voice commands and implemented the ability to import study sets from Quizlet giving users flexibility in their study sessions

DBMS System

  • Implemented the main functionality of a database management system using Java
  • Supported different joins algorithms, B+ tree indexing, System R query optimization, and multigranularity resource locking

MDB Socials

  • IOS application that allows users to create and share event details with their other users in real time through asocial feed
  • Designed a Firebase database/storage instance that facilitates data transfer of posts between users
  • Implemented Firebase Authentication to support account creation and sign in functionality

Bear Maps

  • A web-mapping service for the City of Berkeley allowing users to scroll through and zoom into any area of the map.
  • Featured real world data points stored in a Graph Database to support fast routing services between any two points
  • Allowed for location and landmark lookup with autocomplete

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